About Us

"Kadamba" is A Group Of Organization, Working in the field Of Science and Technology,Banking and Financial Services,Community Enterprises,E-Commerce and Charity Activities.

Kadamba is always committed to conducting Business with highest levels of honesty,Ethics,opoerational efficiency and integrity while developing Commercial relationships with utmost operational efficiency through our services

  • Kadamba Is The Global First Company To Embrace The Highly Sophasticated Scientific Concept Of Green Nanotechnology
  • Kadamba Entered the Space Of Information Technology Developing Various Software Products & Offering Tailor-Made IT Services
  • Kadamba Delivering Innovative Banking & Financial Services With Advanced Technologies
  • Kadamba Has E-Commerce Business Vertical for Promoting Our Own Industry First Technological Products as well as Other Premium Products
  • Kadamba Foundation Function With The Objective to Actively Work In 360-Degree Integrated Community Development Projects

Our Vision

Kadamba has always been a values-based organisation. Our path began with the charity. Ultimately, based on the facts and circumstances, it had evolved into multifaceted business ventures. Serving our mother society honestly and morally guides all of our professional endeavours.

Our Principles

"Maata Bhoomihi, Putroham Pruthivyah"
"Earth is our mother, and we are her children!"

We always respect our mother nature and implement these great principles in our business at every moment


We are committed about achieving the highest standards of quality and output. We always respect knowledge driven innovation at all times.