Kadamba carries a good legacy of working with the farming community for decades and as such contract-farming is all but ease with both productivity and credibility high on the index.

We provide all the inputs from seed to farming technology and ultimately buying back their all farm produces.

Introduced many farming technologies like producing CROM (Patented) to verities of highly income generating field crops since last 20 years.


Cymbopogon martini is a species of grass in the genus Cymbopogon (lemongrass) native to India and Indochina.

Great Indian Teff

Kadamba strives for other alternative crops to match the future generation climate change requirements.

Premium White Chia

Tiny seeds with a rich history, from beverages to baked goods, these tiny black and white seeds from the Salvia hispanica plant.

Agar wood

“Agar wood” is one of the scented trees being cultivated in south eastern countries so far.


Lac is a natural resin secreted from lac insects. These insects live in certain host trees and commercial cultivation of lac .