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   KJA - Gold

Product Details :

GOLD contains a well-diversified consortium of non-genetically modified, non-pathogenic, safe, eco-friendly and micro-encapsulated soil beneficial, safe, eco-friendly and micro-encapsulated soil beneficial microbes. GOLD, as a foilar spary, intensifies the physiological processes of the plant, especially at the various critical statges of the crop life cycle such as growth, flowering, and fruiting stages, thereby improving the quantity and quality of the resulting yield. The application of beneficial microbes through leaves help in nutrient assimilation. The plant is thus stimulated and results into carbon sources being released as plant exudates. This leads to increased biological activity in the soil, viz, secretion of disease suppressive bio chemicals, plant hotmones, antibiotics, vitamins and other substances beneficial to the plant.

Dosage :

500 g per Acre


Method of Application :

50 g GOLD to be mixed with 15 L water & sprayed as a foliar.