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   KJA - Platinum

Product Details :

Platinum WS Contains a well-diversified Consortium of non-genetically modified, non-pathogenic, safe, eco-friendly and micro encapsulated soil beneficial microbes capable of improving the soil health, viz, physical, chemcial and biological properties of the soil. These conditions allow enhanced functionality of nutrient absorption, secondary root formation & disease suppression. The co-factors included in the product allows rapid growth and establishment of the microbes in the rhizosphere of the crop. A symbiotic relationship develops between the microbes and root structure of the plant. In exchange for the benefits derived by the crop roots, the microbes help the plant cope with both biotic and abiotic stresses such as floods, drought, excess salinity, etc.
This 100% Water soluble formulation is especially useful for use in drip irrigation.

Dosage :

250 g per Acre


Method of Application :

250 g PLATINUM WS may be applied mixed with water and applied through Drip Irrigation or as a drenching with a spary pump. The content should be preferably pre-soaked in water for 24 to 48 hours prior to use.