|| माता भूमिः पुत्रोहं पृथिव्याः ||

Worlds First Revolutionary Technology in Agriculture




The “Chemical free Agriculture” By enriching soil health, so that, our Mother Earth would give back healthy & better yields


To adopt and implement new age 4th Generation agricultural technology or new age “BIO DYNAMIC CULTIVATION” by using/producing ultra-density microbial consortia products, to improve Soil Health & Agriculture Productivity.


Thousands of Indian farmers are practicing this since last 5 years successfully.


What is this...?

  1.     U.S. PATENT - No: 6,311,426, 6,228,806
  2.    Consortia based microbial technology (53 Microbes at a time)
  3.    All the major GOI research organizations endorsed the greater efficacy of this technology
  4.    Obtained FCO (Fertilizer Control Order)
  5.    Best suitable for any Agriculture/Horticulture crops
  6.    Can be mixed with any Chemical fertilizer


Why is this...?

  1.    Increase the density of microbes in mega scale
  2.    Zero burden to the farmer
  3.    Reduce current UREA usage by 30% immediately
  4.    Better crop quality/Higher Production
  5.    Lower water consumption
  6.    Stress/Drought resistant
  7.    Increased tolerance to pests up to 70%
  8.    Highly suitable for climate change Farming system.
  9.    No air/water pollutions

University Trails

Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow - Uttar Pradesh

University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur - Karnataka

Navsari Agriculture University, Navsari - Gujrat

Delamere, Kenya

Conclusions of all the University Trails

1.The mixing of the microbes with the chemical fertilizer did not decline the efficiency of the microbes.

2.The yields in all test plots were consistently higher despite the reduction in fertilizers by up to 40% of RDF.

3.Biotic Stresses such as pest attacks leading to diseases were also considerably lower than the control plots.

4.Fertilizer only based revenue calculations show a clear gain for the farmer.

5.The test plots with reduced fertilizer applications performed better than the control plots using 100% N substitution organics (tons) or 6T manure / Ha or other conventional bio fertilizers.


Time Tested

Farmers have been using since the last five years

States : Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu

Field Tested

Horticultural Crops: Banana, Papaya, Mango, Chiku, and others...

Vegetable Crops: Tomato, Potato, Peas, Eggplants, Okra, Bitter gourd, Squash, Zucchini, Bell Pepper, Chillie, Pulses and many more...


Field Results – Papaya Crop

 Plot better sustained high temperatures.

 Canopy was well built protecting fruit.

 Consistency in the quality & yield/plant.

 Lower Cost & Higher Yield.

 Rs. 44,000 per acre versus Rs. 78,000


Field Results – Tomatoes

 Zero Pesticides

 Zero Fertilizers

 50% Lower Cost

 Less Leaf Curling

 Better Shelf Life


Field Results – Bitter Ground

 Zero Pesticides

 Dense Growth of leaves

 Much higher yield

 Superior Quality of Crops

 Better Shelf Life


Field Results – Sugercane

 50 % chemical fertilizer reduction

 30 % reduction in input cost

 20 % increase in yield

 Microbial products combined with chemical fertilizer